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Shower 60-90 cm

Shower 60-90

Shower 90-150 cm

Shower 90-150

Shower 150-220 cm

Shower 150-220

Bathtub 90-150 cm

Bathtub 90-150

Bathtub 150-220 cm

Bathtub 150-220

Roll System®: the easiest solution, practical, inexpensive and durable to enclose your shower or bathtub:

  • The only universal screens and with interchangeable doors.
  • Easy installation by the user with adhesives, without tools.
  • Extensible and adaptable to all sizes from 60 to 220 cm.
  • Inexpensive: no need for professional installation.
  • Self-cleaning at each use, with the movement of opening and closing.
  • Ecological: not using products that may pollute the water.
  • Rolling: opening the entire usable space, like a curtain.